This made my summer

This summer I met acclaimed photographer, Jamel Shabazz, known for his exquisite street portraits in New York in the 80’s and 90’s. He partnered with Mural Arts on the Monument Lab project in Philadelphia, photographing veterans and their families in Vernon Park in the Germantown neighborhood of Philly and offered free prints onsite! My father was in the military, so I wasted no time and packed up my family to get a portrait by one of the best street portrait Photographers to ever do it. I was so excited to meet Jamel and talk to him briefly about the work, but then a few months later I was floored to see my little family portrait on a mural and only a few blocks from where I grew up. This experience made my summer!

Randall’s Island – Game On

I photographed Randall’s Island for LAM back in June. I love all of the different uses for this park, especially Sunday family barbecues.

If you haven’t read the article, it’s a terribly interesting site with a unique and layered history. Jane Margolies certainly hooked me within the first two paragraphs “Besides, I have a special request: “Show me where the bodies are buried.”” 

A Summer of Firsts


I’m celebrating my first year as Sahar Coston-Hardy Photography, LLC and it’s a bit surreal. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing major public spaces surely to become landmarks in the future. I’ve met many inspirational designers and thought leaders in the industry. I’ve captured dozens of portraits of beautiful and interesting humans and I’ve had an incredible time through it all. This month was also the first time I participated in a photography exhibition abroad. One of my photographs was chosen for “The Street Experience” at Millepiani in Rome.

I hosted my first webinar outlining my methods of photographing landscape architecture. Land F/X invited me to talk about capturing urban design and what it takes to get the winning shots. We had close to 100 people log in for the session and I hope that most of them walked away with at least one piece of new information or a tip that they can use when capturing their own projects.

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“The Street Experience”

If you happen to be in Rome this week, go and check out the “The Street Experience” exhibition at Millepiani. The show is up through July 31st.

Exhibition Alert

I’m delighted to be a part Philadelphia’s incredibly talented Photography community. Melissa Holman and Kevin Cook of Everyday Philly curated a group show with work including yours truly. Please join me on Saturday, June 3 from 7-11pm at Indie Photo.




My teammates and I will be presenting at the LABASH conference this Saturday, March 25th at the University of Maryland.

How do we design memorials beyond brick-and-mortar? What stories do we celebrate as a collective? Who decides what is worth memorializing and how does this read into the landscape? How do memorials adapt to site-specific conditions and evolving histories? These are a few of the questions that we found provocative and tried to answer with our project. Our session will will look at “The Im(migrant)”, our mobile memorial project in response to the  Memorials For The Future competition, sponsored by the National Park Service, National Capital Planning Commission, and Van Alen Institute.